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How We Became Popular Among Others ?

We warmly welcome you to Boostan Restaurants the home of the best local and intercontinental dishes, including the infamous Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisines. Because we easily align with the plight of Americans, especially the people of Hamtramck and Detroit, we decide to do what we do best—to serve them better. This time, we are serving the people of Detroit and Hamtramck by opening a branch of our wonderful restaurant in the middle of the city. Now, delicious and sumptuous meals prepared by the best chefs from around the world are just a stone’s throw away from you.

Customers from our already existing branches have attested to the unmatched culinary skills of our chefs, and most of them left advisory notes in the comment box advising the management to open more branches in the cities of America. Perhaps, it is a coincidence that these pieces of advice came at the time the management had already planned to do the same thing. We are quite aware that every American should have the opportunity to enjoy our foods. Not only are we opened here, we have plans to open in more places. It’s a matter of time before we become a household name.


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Our Vision

To serve healthy and delicious-tasting meals for the people who serve us, our loyal customers, and partner with low-income citizens.

Mission Statement

To offer healthier American and Middle Eastern food options to our consumers with fast service, cook-on-site, and create new healthy items per their requirements, and create long-term socially responsible eating habits.

Our Core Values

Our core values include using natural and healthy ingredients to cook the tastiest dishes in the cleanest possible settings.

We acknowledge that many people choose international cuisine due to the numerous health advantages and high nutritional content of these meals.

We swear to not deprive you of them. We don’t mind going the extra miles just so we can lay our hands on the best and healthiest ingredients for all the dishes on our menu.


Available for Special Events

Aside from you freely entering our restaurant, we can bring everything you order right to your door, and we guarantee that you won’t go hungry while we’re doing it.

Our services extend beyond the four corners of our restaurants. Boostan Restaurants can handle outdoor and indoor programs and events that require food and other catering services. We can arrange packages for an event of 10, as well as big programs such as conventions, trade fairs, leadership summits, etc. Also, we can make arrangement for a buffet, where your attendees get to try out our signatory cuisines—both the local and international ones.

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